Videos from the Armistice 100th Anniversary Ceremony

Videos from the Armistice 100th Anniversary Ceremony
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Knife Crime in the Uk

Over the last few months there have been multiple stabbings in London .

The Mayor of London has said it will take a generation to stamp out . In my eyes it shouldn’t take that long at all once people , the government and even the journalists tell the problem for what it is .

This crime exists in black communities , it exists in areas that are predominately black . In one of the pictures in the newspaper of a victim in the background was Tupac . This problem boils down to one thing only …. status and climbing up the ” gangland” ladder .

We live in a broken society now where teenagers are in a fantasy world of ” look what I can do ” for fame and adulation . Teenagers especially black teenagers in these areas often come from broken homes and we have to ask where are the parents when these children are roaming the streets . They will moan about stop and search but why dress like someone from Compton then moan when they are stopped . If these black kids want to emulate a boyz n the hood type film over here and carry weapons then they have to face the repercussions.

Nothing will stop this epidemic unless people start telling it for what it is . The stabbings boil down to ego and self promotion as does much of many’s actions today in society . People have become egotistical in what they do and carry out and want constant attention for it .

The stereo typical sound that comes from the mouth of someone who always knows the victim is ” he was such a nice kid” when really we all know he wasn’t he was just a little fish in a big pond trying to climb the status ladder .

Tell it for what it is , it’s a black problem . It’s not due to jobs , it’s not due to lack of youth centres (as the one in broad water farm bred and fed the riots)

It’s not because anyone is being racist it’s purely because these kids that are black that is a fact want to emulate american gang culture .

The Aliens act of 1905

The 1800’s saw a huge amount of Jewish immigration into the East End of London, it’s steadied for a short time but by 1881 the areas were flooded .

In 1905 the Aliens act was designed and introduced to stop the heavy flow of Jewish immigration into the UK.

Above is an anti immigration poster from 1902.

Anti Semitic attacks swept the capital the community in the east end mainly being sick and tired of the influx of Jews .

Political alarm was expressed regarding the rising numbers of foreign national criminals in UK prisons, the growing demands on poor relief within local parishes and fears of degenerating health and housing conditions.

It was the first legislation to define some groups of migrants as ‘undesirable’, thereby making entry to the United Kingdom discretionary, rather than automatic. The Act ensured that leave to land could be withheld if the immigrant was judged to fall into one of four categories: 

  • a) if he cannot show that he has in his possession … the means of decently supporting himself and his dependents;
  • b) if he is a lunatic or an idiot or owing to any disease of infirmity liable to become a charge upon the public rates;
  • c) if he has been sentenced in a foreign country for a crime, not being an offence of a political character; or
  • d) if an expulsion order under this act has [already] been made.

Later on amendments were made to the Aliens Act .

The Aliens act was replaced in 1914 by the Aliens registration act.

If you read the act (link posted below) you will see that maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to bring this act back in the infancy that it was , simplistic and untouched by the liberal hand .

Leo Max Frank and the murder of Mary Phagan

In 1913 a Jewish factory superintendent Leo Max Frank was convicted of the murder of a 13 year old employee named Mary Phagan .

His trial and conviction attracted mass attention , he was lynched two years later .

In 1910 LMF was heavily involved with the fraternity B’nai B’rith in the Atlanta chapter . At this time and come 1912 there we’re growing concerns in the community of all the Jewish owned factories and the exploitation of child labour ( sounds familiar it was the same with the slave ships right )

One of these particular children happened to be Mary Phagan, who worked at the national pencil company where Frank was a director .

The child was strangled on April 26 , 1913 .

Two notes were found with her body both were forged to make it appear as if they were written by her hand . One made a reference to the ” night witch ” ( which was implied as meant to be the night watchman a man named Newt Lee )

The police investigated and arrested the night watchman, lee , frank and Jim Conley a janitor.

On may 24th 1913 Frank was charged with murder.

The prosecution was heavily built around the then testimony of Colney who said he was an accomplice , obviously the defence argued that Colney was in fact the murder , however Frank was found guilty in the August, after the trial began on the 28th July .

After a series of failed appeals Franks sentence was finally changed from capital punishment to life imprisonment by governor John M Slaton.

The case attracted wider attention within Georgia as the case was deemed as an injustice . This fuelled fire for a small group of men , armed to kidnap Frank from the prison and lynch him at Marietta , Mary’s hometown.

The governor promised to capture and punish the lynchers but they were never caught .

During this period the Jewish elite were pushing their way into the political , economical and social heart of the city , and surprise surprise the city was infested with constant arrival of Eastern European Jews.

Once again a child was murdered at the hand of a Jewish employer and the spin on it was once again played out so the Jewish community were seen as the

” victims” .

No matter what historical event or murder , assault or injustice involving a Jew it always leads back to them being sold as the victim . Once again ,however,this story rings true of a time that community thought enough was enough and took matters into their own hands to seek justice .

It’s a shame this community element is now missing in modern society with the likes of similar scenarios around child exploitation and murder .

Folklore said the childs murder was a case of Frank not giving her a pay check another symmetry ,we all know what the elite are like with money don’t we.

After reading about the case it seemed Colney ( a black man) was offered up to the police in a bid to save the Jewish owner Frank .

Above pictured the lynching of Frank.

The pencil factory where Mary was found dead.

A short time after the lynching of Leo Frank, thirty-three members of the group that called itself the Knights of Mary Phagan gathered on a mountaintop near Atlanta and formed the new Ku Klux Klan of Georgia.